What is assessment at BUHS?

At BUHS, we use a variety of methods to evaluate a student’s academic progress. Some assessments are very brief and are used to inform instruction. Other assessments help teachers evaluate and verify learning at the end of a taught concept. Examples include tickets to leave, quizzes, homework, classwork, and projects.

This year, we are assessing a student’s academic progress separately from their habits of work, or soft skills. To that end, teachers evaluate students based on their work completion, collaboration, participation and behavior. These Habits of Work are reported to students and families on a regular basis.

Teachers are assessing academic progress using proficiency rubrics that are based on Common Core Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. These rubrics are designed to assess content and skills that a student will learn during an academic course. Students still complete assignments both in and out of class time. For assessments, students are permitted to request retakes. Each department has a consistent retake policy they use in all BUHS courses.

Each department has developed and adopted their required content standards and these standards are linked to the BUHS Transferable Skills. We require that all students demonstrate proficiency in each Transferable Skill multiple times throughout their high school career.