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Steven Perrin

Steve Perrin

Steve Perrin has worked at Brattleboro Union High School since 1995. Prior to becoming Principal at BUHS, he served as the BUHS Assistant Principal for 4 years. Perrin was a member of the BUHS science department teaching chemistry and biology prior to taking on administrative roles. He also taught high school science for several years in Camden, New York before moving to the Brattleboro area. Perrin attained a degree from Hamburger University in Oak Brook, Illinois, a Bachelor of Science in Biology with from State University of New York at Binghamton, and a Masters in Education from Binghamton. Perrin’s other certificates of education include Internet Teaching Certificate from the Graduate Center at Marlboro College in Brattleboro, Vermont and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies from Keene State College. Perrin has two amazing teenage daughters and the best partner anyone could ask for. He enjoys glade and mogul skiing in the winter. He is a rabid cyclist and enjoys road and mountain biking. According to Perrin, “I'd much prefer to participate in a sport rather than watch it.” Perrin is a huge science fiction geek and one of those rare people who equally enjoys Star Trek and Star Wars. His favorite band is made up of three very talented Canadians.