About Us

Brattleboro Union High School is a comprehensive, public school tucked into the southeast corner of Vermont. BUHS has about 900 students in grades 9-12 and has an attached Middle School that serves grades 7 and 8. We use an Administration System which makes our school more accessible to everyone. High school can be a daunting undertaking and we work hard to be sure that all students feel welcome and supported.

Take a look at our programs! Our school has a wide range of course offerings from the traditional to cutting edge courses in areas such as Television Production, Graphic Design and Advanced Biology. All of our teachers are rated “highly qualified” by the State of Vermont. Many of our upper level courses offer dual high school and college credit from schools in Vermont and New Hampshire. In addition to those courses we offer course work through Virtual High School and the Windham Regional Career Center. The WRCC is also located on our campus. There are several programs that allow students to study abroad in Belize, China, Costa Rica, England, Switzerland and other countries. BUHS also offers a full array of extracurricular activities as well. BUHS features a full range of sports teams and clubs that accommodate the very diverse interests of our students and staff.